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A Few Words on Photo Enhancement

The intent of these enhancements is to demonstrate techniques that can "rescue" poorly photographed images... and other techniques that can add pizzazz to ho-hum images... and artfully compose other photo subjects in relation to each other. They all make use of Adobe's Photoshop Elements program, and they all try to catch the eye and make the images more visually appealing.

Mike teaches a monthly Photoshop Workshop for retired men in the Lake Norman NC area and these samples are projects used directly in the workshops.

There is another full page of Photo Enhancements on Photo Enhance which is on the companion website.

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Here's a dramatic restoration of a photo that is torn, distorted and faded. Note in particular how the eye is reconstructed.
You can make type bend to your will and to any shaped path that you define.  You can also make type "float" inside any shape you can create.

A few simple adjustments with light and color enhance the image and save it from the dreaded "blue color caste."

Convert a photo to a line drawing and then enjoy playing with your paintbrush... and even adding a dramatic sunset

Painted art from a photo by selecting the Bird of Paradise, cutting it out, and placing it on a new background (which is a shadow of itself).

A rather dramatic restoration is possible with conversion to black and white, and careful correction of blemishes.

You can straighten camera distortion and make the buildings straight with a simple Photoshop tool.

Very often, the best enhancement is with color intensity and the addition of clouds to the background. Photoshop makes it easy.

Photoshop Elements makes it easy to save underexposed photos by adjusting the exposure and color balance

You can make composite photos of two (or more) by resizing and combining multiple images in separate layers.

Photoshop Elements allows layers to be blended so that fireworks backgrounds can be enhanced.

There's color hidden in those old faded photos! They can be enhanced, highlighted and the colors can be brought out.

You can take a photo and make a reflection by inverting, softening, and blurring it.

Radically underexposed photos can be brought to life with bright, midtone and dark layers individually enhanced.

Color cast is a deadly enemy... and this smoke filled orange image can be easily recovered and restored.

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