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Welcome to our Web site!

This is a new Harvey Images site that is designed to complement our main website -- www.harveyimages.com.-- which contains earlier collection of history and photos that cover 2000-2011.  The main site became so packed with images that we established this second site to continue the photo and art chronology. 

The red links on this page take you to the main companion site, www.harveyimages.com. You can return here by clicking the back arrow◄-- on any page.

We hope you'll enjoy browsing and sharing some of the sights and places we've visited beginning in 2012. We attempt to chronicle the experience of visiting interesting places and take a few memorable photos while we're there.

We're both amateur photographers (among other things) and Mike is an avid user of Adobe Photoshop.  So you'll see a lot of examples where we've "rescued" bad shots and greatly enhanced others.  Mike teaches a regular workshop on Photoshop techniques for retired professionals, so he has a lot of reasons to stay abreast of the latest developments in image enhancement.

Our Family Photos are collages of the fields of interest of the Harveys... and a brief biography of Mike.

In addition there's a page displaying Mike's newer Computer Art that you may find interesting.  It features a bunch of 3D graphics of fun scenes, imaginary landscapes and other things.

Photo Enhance demonstrates a number of ways that photos can be enhanced to rescue poorly shot photos and add a "Wow Factor" to make them more visually appealing. This too is a complement and extension of the photo enhancements from www.harveyimages.com

In the banner (above) you'll see several shots of our lakeside home on Lake Norman (north of Charlotte NC) in Spring and Fall. It's a beautiful spot.  So we invite you to browse and see the world as we're seeing it each year.

The World Travels section features the best photos from cruises and car trips we've taken in recent years.  The photos are culled from literally tens of thousands of shots and there's a wide variety.

Here are other Harvey websites that may interest you to take a quick look:

 www.nibblemagazine.com  The Apple II, Macintosh, and PC magazines and books
published by Mike in the 1980s and 90s... now available on DVD.

www.childrens-art-prints.com  A web site developed by Mike for his sister Mimi's art prints.

www.harveygallery.com  Henry Harvey's website for his extensive collection of art and metal sculpture. See the collage of Henry's work on the Family Photos page of this site.

On each page, you can see larger images by clicking on the thumbnails. Then click your browser back arrow (◄-- ) to return to the page where you clicked the thumbnail. 

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